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  • July 6 - Property Taxes
    It is property tax time for BC property owners, including those in the electoral areas. Taxes are due by July 4, 2022. Residents are reminded that the FVRD is unable to process property tax payments. Electoral Areas are considered rural areas and those taxes are administered by the Province of BC.
  • July 5 - Get Ready for Election Day - Oct 15, 2022
    Learn about the FVRD’s election process, find out how to vote, and ask questions.
  • July 4 - Emergency Status Map
    Residents can now use the FVRD Emergency Status Map to view freshet information and historical flood data. The map will be continually updated to reflect current Evacuation Alerts, Orders, and other useful information.
  • July 4 - Freshet Update
    The BC River Forecast Centre no longer predicts 1972 flood levels or worse for the Fraser River. Despite improvements to river forecasts, the FVRD’s Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) continues to monitor the situation and will increase its operations if necessary. Both the Province’s high stream advisory and evacuation alerts issued by the FVRD remain in effect.

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